Snipsnap is a blog/wiki written in Java. I used it from 2006 until 2013. It’s home site is/was It was originally published at the Frauenhofer Institute. Shortly after I started with it the authors, Leo & Funzel left, the Institute took the site down; Leo recovered it, put it back on-line. I think it’s gone now but the source is now on Github at Jan 2019. This is the comment date, it looks like it was uploaded in 2014, I have left my mirror in place, but if you want to use it, it’d be best to use the author’s code.
During it’s absence I created a mirror on my static site for some artefacts for its diminishing user base. In April, I copied the page here and implemented the meta data as comments.

A snipsnap mirror

In 2008, I was looking for a version of Snipsnap 1.0b3 on and also its new sourceforge project page and couldn’t find them, so I have hosted it here, see below. 27 May 2008. This product was originally hosted at, and available on its download page. It was distributed and thus remains subject to the GPL. In July 2010, the whole site had disappeared; Frauenhofer had removed the site. It came back about 7 months later but I decided to keep this page up. It also hosts my management scripts. I transferred it when I refreshed the site in 2015.


My package copies are hosted here


I decided to upload the current copy of my utilities for managing snipsnap; it should make bringing it online easier

  • snipsnap-scripts-dfl20100822.tar.gz … 8Kb … Download…


I brought this forward when implementing spacious. I need to redirect to this page. 4th April 2015

I gave up on snipsnap in Aug 2013. See here & here. Despite the lack of clarity below, I believe these files work. 4th April 2015

This is now on Github Jan 2019

10 thoughts on “Snipsnap

  1. I went back today and still can’t find it. So I have uploaded a .tgz file I had lying around and I am adding a share this button on this page. I havn’t a clue why the sizes are so different, if you’re lucky I’ll investigate and document it. I might also upload .torrent file when I work out how. For now, I’d recommend the larger file. 20 Mar 2009.

  2. Comments and size amended, comments about the original locations added. I should add HTMLMacro.jar to this page as well. 24 March 2009

  3. I have had the subversion pages pointed out to me and uploaded the HTMLMacro page. This page now points at the original source as well as hosting my tarballs and now HTML Macro, which is the only user contributed code I currently use. 7th July 2009

  4. I have just amended my snipsnap software mirror at on the static pages here. Funzel wrote to me the other week pointing out that the source code was available at its source forge project page via subversion or as a tar ball. I shall continue to post/mirror the package on my site and have now uploaded a copy of HTML Macro.jar. 8 July 2009

  5. I checked in July 2010, as I was looking at porting my Snipsnap due to the Qube’s final failure and found that my archives were corrupt, and the had gone. Leo has promised to restore it. I have uploaded a .tar. I’ll compress it and reload the .tgz later today. The .tar is 22 Mb so I obviously didn’t get it right when I uploaded the two files in March 2009. Bit Torrent will have to wait until I have a new web server and then only if I can find some other (people’s) servers to act as peers. 29 Jul 2010.

  6. One of the Source Forge links broke and I removed the link list; it only contained two source forge links and I suspect that if anyone’s looking for it they’ll no longer come via this page.

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