This is an HoU crossover module, taking you from the end of Shadow of Udrentide to the levels needed to play Hordes of the Underdark, and this is how its spelt in the vault.

Obviously, import your character from SoU from an exported image. You might want to ensue that you are carrying any henchmen kit.


She’s been transported to the Plane of Shadow, but is obviously not the one you travelled with if indeed you did. i.e. you can’t import your henchman and there is no characterisation, since she is an add-on module to SoU.


The author’s walkthrough at NWN vault.


This is pretty good, its short which emphasises its linearity but well, written atmospheric and challenging. Maybe a good one for a fighter thief with a reasonable “Use Magic” score. I like your arrival, which takes up nicely from your escape from Udrentide. I am not a great one for re-doing fights until you get it right and some of these fights were just right for me, hard enough to make you think a bit, but not bonkers. Nice Magic items.

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