I think I might return to coffee. Here are my notes …

So percolate or filter?

  1. https://www.homegrounds.co/uk/percolator-vs-drip-coffee-maker/, a percolator makes stronger coffee, a percolator can be bought for between £12 & £20 and so can a filter jug and a hand grinder for £10. Green beans are hard to grind 😣

Which beans?

  1. Which-coffee-should-i-buy? from Adam & Russell

Green or Roast

  1. About Green beans from Adam & Russell
  2. Green-coffee, what it is, from healthline.com, says it’s more like tea than coffee and suggest that quite a lot might need to be drunk to have an effect.
  3. How-to-make-green-coffee-from-unroasted-coffee beans from sorichoganics
  4. Green coffee might be best served in teapot, from Etsy, or Amazon do them too.
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