It’s been a while, but I am planning to return, probably by Eurostar.


  1. Using the metro, trains, trams and buses, passes can be bought online or at RATP stations and Gare du Nord, near platforms 7-9 and the international arrivals, as can Carnets, and here’s the metro Map, 🙄 They also do multi-day passes.
  2. About Hotel Stars, which helped me make my saved Paris hotels at Expedia, also Hotel De Varenne at Expedia, or their own site., looks nice but not cheap.

Power sockets and plugs

  1. from, electricity in europe what kind of plug adapter do you need, brit and northern europe are the two so I only need the type c adaptor.


  1. Le Train Bleu a fab. restaurant in the Gare de Lyon, I left it too late to book a table. I also want to visit the the Cafe d’Industrie, north of Place de Bastille.
  2. Enduring Paris bistros in the 7th arrondissement  from Paris Insiders and the 11th arrondissement from
  3. The Fork on food in Paris but this is a table booking site
  4. Eating on the Seine, or an hour cruise on the Seine with time for a glass, or a carafe.

My Plan

  1. Walk along the Seine or possible visit the Orangerie
  2. Left Bank walk back to the hotel, see the Notre Dame and the left bank museums
  3. Musee d’Orsai
  4. National Army Museum, which charges for entry and or the National Assembly, this needs to be booked and they advertise time slots up to nine weeks in advance. so should become available on 23rd March
  5. Sacre Coeur, by public transport
  6. Another Art Gallery

Things to do

  1. Check out the Rough Guide’s top 20, includes the Pont Neuf and Jardins de Luxembourg, Musée Rodin, Left Bank Cafes, Pere Lachaise, and Musée Picasso.
  2. Trip Adviser, things to do, organised by themes, and Things to do, by Pocket Wanderings
  3. The Geographical Cure has an article on the impressionism trail in Paris and a tour of Paris’s Musée d’Orsay while they themselves describe their collections but perhaps the Orsay’s greatest claim is its building, an old train station. Also Musée de l’Orangerie , on  lower floor, Cezanne, Renior, Mattise, Piccasso, Derain and Soutine or MAM which has a classic, movement orientated view of French modern art.
  4. There is a funicular to get up the hill to Sacré Cœur.
  5. The National Army Museum at L’Opital des Invalides, next door to the National Assembly building, which can be be visited..
  7. Also Memories of the Commune which points again at Père Lachaise
  8. A short cruise on the Seine, Vedettes de Paris.
  9. The Atelier des Lumières, is the Paris version of fever, masterpieces fucked around with;

My Map

It has a revolutionary history, and there are many ways to celebrate it.

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