I logged into find my disk too full to use. Why didn’t it tell me? Here are my notes.

When originally written I asked is Twitter the answer, or should I use mail/smtp or even snmp? In 2022, I realised that mastodon could be used, but smtp and snmp remain the lowest common denominator for message transport. See also https://davelevy.info/wiki/event-monitoring/ which is about event capture elsewhere on this wiki.


  1. How to tweet from the Linux command line from ostechnix


  1. How to setup email alerts on linux using gmail from “How to Geek”
  2. How to set up a mail server on your Raspberry Pi? from Raspberry Tips
  3. See my little mail server


The problem with SNMP is one of wheat and chaff

  1. raspberry pi SNMP from bytes of gigabytes, how to install on the PI
  2. Free SNMP console for Android from Manage Engine, this might be what’s needed?
  3. Monitoring The Raspberry Pi with MRTG from satsignal.eu, focused on the monitored device
  4. The Multi Router Traffic Grapher at wikipedia
  5. https://pushover.net/, a free trial but otherwise $5 per annum, looks like a console. Maybe free for individual use. It has some code examples here, inc. the command line.
  6. https://simplepush.io/#about is this another tool at the console end


This can be written to, using toot a command line utility. It can be installed using apt. toot has a number of command line arguments, it seems to store the login parameters on the disk; you must login interactively the first time. It’s code is here, and web page is here, it’s available afaik in the raspbian repos. I asked about direct messages, and got a reply, I was pointed at the mastodon documentation. Here is the short cut, toot --visibility direct "@username message text".


This should be easy, checkout my ellotorss code, and my add linkedin scripts. What is the standard?  This, from Business Insider is mainly about reading. I made some notes on this wiki, in an article called json-to-xml.

I found the following links in 2023, how to use the RSS standard to make a file. and how to use IFTTT to send a text on receipt of a feed item.


  1. https://grafana.com/
  2. Is IFTTT, part of the answer, using RSS as the event log? Or Monitoro.

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