Raspberry Pi III

My third attempt to build a raspberry pi, it seemed easier to start a third page than refactor the last one. Here are my notes.

1st steps

  1. I bought myself a micro-sd/usb adaptor.
  2. I reformatted the sd card using this tool.
  3. I installed the OS onto the SD card.
  4. I ‘touched’ the /boot/ssh file. I used the dos command program and used type nul > ssh I used D: to access the boot directory. I got the advise here.

I then plugged the thing into the hub and power

  1. I logged in using ssh
  2. sudo apt-get install git samba apache2 xrdp
  3. adduser ${newusername}; and then usermod -a -G sudo ${newusername}
  4. I reinstalled the web site using ftp
  5. I reauthorised the hostname with noip.com and changed the firewall rule on the hub. I used whatismyip to discover my pubic ip address.  I reinstalled noip’s dynamic update client. and copied down my noip service file and then systemctl enable ‘d it. (Need to checkit works after the next boot.)
  6. I set up /share, using these instructions.
  7. then usermod -a -G videos ${newusername} for Raspi Check

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