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Raspberry Pi III

Raspberry Pi III

My third attempt to build a raspberry pi, it seemed easier to start a third page than refactor the last one. Here are my notes.

1st steps

  1. I bought myself a micro-sd/usb adaptor.
  2. I reformatted the sd card using this tool.
  3. I installed the OS onto the SD card.
  4. I ‘touched’ the /boot/ssh file. I used the dos command program and used type nul > ssh I used D: to access the boot directory. I got the advise here.

I then plugged the thing into the hub and power

  1. I logged in using ssh
  2. sudo apt-get install git samba apache2 xrdp
  3. adduser ${newusername}; and then usermod -a -G sudo ${newusername}
  4. I reinstalled the web site using ftp
  5. I reauthorised the hostname with and changed the firewall rule on the hub. I used whatismyip to discover my pubic ip address.  I reinstalled noip’s dynamic update client. and copied down my noip service file and then systemctl enable ‘d it. (Need to checkit works after the next boot.)
  6. I set up /share, using these instructions.
  7. then usermod -a -G videos ${newusername} for Raspi Check
  8. I am still copying HUGO files, but if I wanted it on the Pi, then How to install Hugo on Raspberry Pi will be useful although it uses snap which I have managed to avoid by now.
  9. I also found this about deluge and buster, on deluge’s community forums which talks about the install and apt.

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  1. ReplyAuthorDave
    My desire to use the Pi as a torrent node for some specific documents has led to further reading. Deluge goes on quite easily. I may need a tracker, which led me to webtorrent and then node.js. Not sure this uses the bittorrent protocols, nor if I want node.js on the pi. utserver does not run on raspbian unless you use an emulator. I seem to be stuck, deluge on the pi does not allow the posting to a tracker, is this true? If not, I need to find a tracker that will host my .torrent and is of low risk to me and then download the file. The alternatives are, to discover the link which is simply available via utserver, test if I can publish the torrent file via http[s] or to build my own tracker for the Pi, the raspbian community suggest that Open Tracker will do the job. Raspian Community has a recent article on setting up a torrent box, transmission-daemon is indirectly recommended. I have asked about seeding a swarm there. Does this at Life Hacker imply that a private tracker must manage membership?

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