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Starmers 10 pledges

Starmers 10 pledges

Keir Starmer made 10 pledges on policy during the Labour Leadership campaign. It behoves us to remember them. I have made a mirror of the pledges , just in case. Sometimes these things have a habit of disappearing. 😜😜.

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  1. Down the plug’ole –
    […] This does not auger well for the next set of NEC elections. The rump left, which includes Momentum must begin to talk and listen to those who changed their minds and build unity within the Party around Starmer’s 10 pledges. […]
  2. 10 Point Plans for Labour –
    […] for election as Leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer published a 10 point plan, which I have noted & mirrored on this web site. A couple of months later, Richard Burgon, writing in Tribune produced his own 10 point plan as a […]

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