A town on the Welsh coast, once a herring fishery port, latterly the ferry port to Eire, who knows what’ll become of it now while we’re out of the EU.

Getting there

I travelled by train, on the day, I wrote this, there were 4 trains/day from Swansea, and when I travelled, each journey had a single coach train, with no seat reservations. I bought my ticket with trainline!

Perhaps I should consider the Buses, but they connect to Cardigan, or Haverford West, the former has no train stop, and the latter is beyond Swansea and is thus reliant to the TfW train service noted above.

Getting about

The taxi companies, see the map, or the 410 bus but I couldn’t work out the 410 bus timetable, or route, although I later found a page on moveit. The service is run by Richards’ Bros who have the time table and fares on their site, also an app for real time monitoring, it would seem although I couldn’t find it, perhaps that’s on moveit. I made a map, sadly it’s visit of the lower town is perfunctory and may be sporadic, but it connec

Staying there

I stayed in a caravan at the Vale Caravan Park, and would recommend it to anyone, although I found it using AirBnB and for larger parties AirBnB might be cheaper.

The main town is on a hill between the station and the lower town.

Things to do

  • The map below documents two car hire sites, or I say two, a van hire and a hertz.
  • The coast that I have visited is beautiful, the beaches are not.
  • There’s lots of history, it was obviously once much more important than it is today!
  • The Lower Town, for the view, is best visited at high tide.

Here’s my pictures

Here’s my map

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