At the by-elections last week, the three main parties won one each, with a disappoint for the decent amongst us that the Tories held Uxbrige and South Ruislip. There is a big furore over the Labour campaign where the Tories and those close to Labour’s Leadership claiming that the Mayor’s ULEZ scheme lost it for Labour. Labour’s candidate had called for a suspension of its introduction and post election, Starmer also called for a re-think. I posted what I think on Labour Hub, which includes a poor understanding of what policy promises were required, which includes reassurance on climate change, public services investment and pay. Here are my notes and links …


It’s almost as if the Tories have trapped Kahn with a booby trap designed to go off in the re-election year.

A Labour comrade from Birmingham writes,

I was part of a team that did this with the clean air zone in Birmingham. We faced all the same attacks from the Tories before it was brought in. It was in before the election and wasn’t a significant issue for us. If you are doing the right thing to improve air quality and improve people’s healthy lives, then do it. Delaying it means more people get ill and doesn’t even solve the political problem because the opposition will always say that you are going to do it.

Another issue about which people are more silent is the continuing evidence that many Indians are now voting Tory; one reason for this is their support for the Modi regime in India, criticised in Labour List. I was also curious about other significant ethnic minorities, here’s Hillingdon in tables, and with maps here’s London. , from Wikipedia.

I finish with two links on Labour Hub, and two from Skwawboc

A local voice writes in , “What went wrong in Uxbridge, a view from the CLP” on Labour List.


The Tory Council’s attempts to halt ULEZ in the courts failed, as reported by the Mayor, City AM and Sky. Check out the Mayor’s site, the font is very large, “Landmark High Court win for Mayor means ULEZ expansion will go ahead“.

Equally interesting, Valent Projects, did some research on the twitter foot print of the anti-ULEZ campaign (or on twitter) and discovered that much of it was programmatic. I wonder if Facebook is as vulnerable?

Featured Image, Image: Uxbridge. Source: Author: Nigel Cox, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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