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Systemd (ptui)

Systemd (ptui)

It seems systemd can’t be avoided. I am annoyed at having to relearn stuff for a problem not worth solving. Here are my notes as I learn to use it.

Some links …

  1. The Free BSD man page
  2. from stack exchange, about starting and stopping, and the importance of type=
  3. A tutorial on the commands from digital ocean
  4. I found this at; it has another example service file
  5. Type= simple or forking, at

An example,

Description=A description of the service 

Type=simple # check link No 2 & 5 above
#       explicit absolute path reqd


It’s like a virus, I had to write a service file for no-ip’s dynamic update client. I remain confused about the choice, but the link from above is very clear & helpful.. Wish I’d found it before I had finished.

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  1. ReplyAuthorDave
    It may be much more economic in terms of lines of code, although it may just shift logic from the integrated object based lsb init scripts to new start & stop scripts; it should be noted that using scripts other than the service daemon to manage these complicates the work of systemd; it cannot use tupe=simple. (Edited 27/3/2019).
  2. ReplyAuthorDave
    I think there's a problem with using virtual box file types with systemd; it ought to be possible to define mounts within a service file but this is not the case with virtualbox files. (I think I am still trying to use rc.mymounts to inboke these calls.
  3. ReplyAuthorDave
    I made my first file today, a service definition for noip's dynamic update client and I have amended the article to more accuratley document or point at documents on type = simple vs forking.

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