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YANF WordPress Instance

YANF WordPress Instance

I have reason to set up another wordpress instance. Here are my notes.

I had a look at the themes available and for reasons of speed i.e. time to market and for reasons of aesthetics I chose Minnow again.

I have started with a couple of plugins, akismet of course but also

  1., a bulleting board wrapper
  2. New User Approve, there is a Register button on the login page, here is the plugin page
  3. WordPress Social Login/, supports the big three plus some others. Simple to install.
  4. Share Buttons by AddThis

I found this, but probably won’t use it, I think New User Approve and WordPress Social Login are a better solution.

I need a meta tag manager, add meta tags has gone, and I use Meta Tag Manager in one of the sites. Obvs I need to check which to replace it with.

Also potentially useful,

  1. How to declutter your wordpress website, a bunch of good ideas
  2., this might be best investigated, it could be very powerful piece of self service software
  3., another member management plugin, integrated with BB Press.
  4., allows copy from a spreadsheet as does,




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    This article starts with Minnow, which is really cool as a theme but has gone away, I have linked to its wayback machine copy

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