Raspian & APT

This snip was originally created to document the arse-ache I had building my second Pi; it documented problems with Jesse & Stretch. The current release is buster and so much of this content is deprecated. In April 2020, I had reason to explore the code I use to maintain the currency of the apt cache. I have moved deprecated content to the comments and updated this post. For more, see below/overleaf. …  Continue reading “Raspian & APT”

Raspberry Pi

I bought a Raspberry Pi to act as a Media Server in the home. I bought a PI, case, SD card and power source. As ever here are my notes. Currently, getting started (or 1st boot), 1st customisations, and early days with the media browsers and XBMC/Kodi. I have BBC, ITV and YouTube working, Channel 4 is going to be very hard and so is Sky, since among other things since Silverlight is deprecated.

I have given up, and bought a Roku stick. In addition to the challenges of getting all the channels I want, even v3 of the Pi struggles with iplayer HD; it might be the CPU, it might be the BT broadband plus speed but it’s too hard. I shall reconstruct the page and use comments, as one of the purposes of making a notes page was collecting the various web pages that helped me get to wherever I got. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi”