I am advised that this is the really hot tool set to build websites with. Here are my notes.

I started with this.

I was interested in the headline question. He disarms the static word, argues for moving functionality to the browser, and way from the webserver. This reduces the complexity and the attack surface.

I am unsure how reducing the hardware platform complexity at the expense of the software platform helps in reducing complexity, but I suppose that substituting Javascript for PHP is not a big deal, particularly in my case as I know neither well.

Am I alone in thinking that the requirement for a CDN is an enterprise requirement and one for large enterprises too.

I am confused as to how consuming a service via APIs wins you simplicity. You don’t have to write or maintain the code but you have no control of the velocity of the code change. Is this something that can only work in a CI/CD delivery and on the other hand,

But installing a plug-in seems simpler than integrating a 3rd party API via javascript but only if the plug-in works, check out my experiments with SPARQL., but implementing a search by API called from the browser would be cool. Did I do this on my old snipsnap blog?

He talks about snapshots and snapshot rollback, which is better than wordpress which requires a B&R solution.

I amended the buy vs. build strategy selection to buy, build or assemble over 10 years ago. I don’t think Jamstack makes assembly any easier. I also think it requires a CI/CD deployment mechanism, but Hawksworth’s git integration and active comments in a static web site were both cool.

Other links

  1. Cloudinary, a cloud based media asset repo service
  2. What is the JAMstack and how do I get started? by Colby Faycock. I find this complicated and undirected but they have a picture of Bill & Ted and say, “JAMstack apps inherently satisfy most if not all of the 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.” They have some links that look useful.  It is, IMO, not the place to start.
  3. https://jamstack.org/ from Netlify, the employer of the guy that made the video. A web advert for their community resources.


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