I decided to give NWN Macros some examination. It’d be nice to group a bunch of actions, and bind them to a single button. i.e. “buff up”, or “put the sword and shield away & draw bow”. This article contains broken Bioware links.

Using the links below, the macro help thread at bioware forums seems a good place to start. They suggest that in order to undertake a specific group of actions, one needs a script and point at the NWN Lexicon as a guide. It also suggests that Lilac Soul’s Script Generator at the NWN Vault might be useful. Lilac Soul’s Script Generator Read Me. .pdf

What I’ve done.

After reading http://nwn.wikia.com/wiki/Console_command, which details how to enter debug mode, I have summoned the hobby horse and devil’s cows. I have run this from the chat bar, and encapsulated them in Macros. I have run some player commands such as d10, thats f*cking useful. Not!

I need to test dm_runscript.


  • google q=nwn macro seems a good start.
  • The NWN Lexicon, a scripting resource, which looks bloody awesome.
  • Text Macro at http://nwn.wikia.com/wiki which documents that console commands can be invoked from a text Macro using a double hash prefix ##.
  • http://nwn.bioware.com/players/commands.html lists the console commands that can be the object of a text macro, and nwn.wikia.com has also documented the console commands. One of these is called dm_runscript. This has a simple argument syntax i.e. dm_runscript scriptname will invoke the script. Wonder what happens if the script needs parameters?
  • loudent‘s answer is a Rod of Fast Buffing. Is this just a way of assigning the scripts to the quick slot? I need to investigate. This was pointed out to me by The Krit.

Bad News

Ross Glen’s Neverwinter Nights Rogue Character Guide By Ross Glenn has one reference to custom macros. He recommends that you create one with the text string “Trap!” and bind it to a quickslot button so that you can ensure, in multiplayer, that the wizards and fighters don’t set of any traps until after you have flagged or disarmed them. The bad news is that someone who’s thought so long and hard can only come up with this use case.

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