Last month, just before travelling to the West Coast, I practised my latest presentation,”Six reasons to choose Solaris”, in which I have a slide with some company logos of the users of Solaris 10. One of my audience asked why Google wasn’t on the slide. I drivelled on about their use of Solaris not being public and he pointed me at a job ad on their web site, for a Solaris trained systems administrator. It seems they’re also using Oracle! Using Google to look for the obvious keywords, finds this google job ad for a Solaris/Oracle administrator, which isn’t even on their site. That Google uses Solaris is now a public domain fact.

I wonder how many of my “Six reasons” led to Google making this decision.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, and reposted in July 2016.

Look at what Google won’t put in a press release
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