Jonathan (Swartz) spoke for a couple of minutes and then took questions. You all know he  {used to} blog here… and can find out what he wants you to hear by using the blog. My highlights are ….

On Sunrays & network desktops, “Whose got a server at home? Ooops wrong audience.”

On competing with Linux – Focus on Cost (we’re talking RTU here), Indemnification & Performance

On Oracle – “Who wants us to do an open source database? Come on hands up.” While only 20% or so of the audience put their hands up, he was one of them and these decisions are not taken by a popular vote.

“Developers have no money” so we must enagage them in other ways.

On customer value, “Understand the Business Environment, Differentiate through Technology”

On CIO buy in to open source, at one of his CIO conferences, one of the delegates asked why Sun bothered with open source for Solaris he established to the audience that they had Linux in their data centre but hadn’t authorised the purchase, “You’re not my target demographic!”.

He blogged the Solaris x86 download numbers (here…) – 350K downloads, how’s that Red Hat?


More from my Sun Blog, re-published in Feb 2016

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