Sadly Greg Papadopolus, SUN CTO was not available, but a video of his pitch was presented. (His slides are here… ). He starts by exploring the change in software economics from shrink wrap to service and from their shows how organisations can leverage network organisations and immersive supply chain management to great new applications fabrics by assembling service. Unfortunately, he uses the word “Outsource”, which in some places remains sensible, but is often a dirty word for dumping cost (& inefficiency) somewhere else. The search for excellent business performance is required, so crude outsourcing is never a good thing; businesses can always save their outsourcers margin, and if they’re lazy the customer pays for that as well.

Greg suggested that desktops are great examples of service economics and since bandwidth is about to overtake desktop pixel maps, remote desktops are becoming a real option and economies of scale become available to all, not just across large corporates. The question remaining in my mind is are companies seeking to compete through product excellence as opposed to operational efficiency going to outsource their IT. I accept the key is development but there are some customers who need to keep ownership of their IT.


This is a repost of an article originally posted on my Sun/Oracle blog, republished in Feb 2016.

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