Popped in to see Liane Praza present on the Solaris 10 Service Management Facility. Its awesome, I really must get going on the Laptop Diaries and build a Sybase service. Steve Hahn was also present so the three of us had a chat about SMF and N1, what it enables, and how/who to convince. I mentioned the work I did with Sun Cluster at what was then ING Barings, and the application/data services boundary clash in the hope that the insights might inform the engineering of services/cluster integration. They seemed either interested or polite. I have put Lianne’s blog on my blogroll and RSS feeder. This feature of Solaris 10 is awesome and so underrated. Somehow its all Zones & Dtrace, but this is also key; it enables a common job management semantic within and across systems. Maybe its my ticket to CEC 2006.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle bl0g, re-published here in Feb 2016.

Service Management Facility
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