The previous meeting was so good, I almost missed Scott’s presentation, as I entered the Hall I bumped into Ken Pepple who said that I’d missed a presentation to me and I’d won an award. I thought he was winding me up so I told him to go away. “Yeah, Yeah – pull the other one its got bells”, so Ken decided to ignore me. So we listened to Scott, present to us, and again I offer you some belated highlights.

“You are core competency!”, that means us, Sun’s field technologists

“The Market Opportunity we’re creating!”, about the fact that Sun is the leading Opteron systems provider.

Google has 125,000 CPUs in its grid. We’ll sell’em Niagra and solve California’s energy crisis. Greg Papadopolous in his presentation stated that Google’s electricity costs were the single largest cost to operate their infrastructure, so if Nigara’s power consumption works out, its going to be compelling to the web services companies.

Oracle (licensing policies) are “our problem”. Oracle are acting in their shareholder’s interests

Storage is a feature, not an industry!

“I don’t know where my desktop is! – if you know don’t tell me, I like being able to say I don’t know!”, he’s using Sun’s desktop extra-net, with Sun Rays at the desk.

As the lights came on, Jon Haslam approached me to tell me that I’d won the CEC best blogger award. Not only that, but you put me into the second most read blog on So thanks for reading this and putting me there, I hope you enjoyed what I had to say, and that some of you’ll stay with me. You can see from the categories what I normally write about. I also hope Ken’s still talking to me.


Another repost from my Sun Oracle blog, in this case, three articles, republished in February 2016. I have skipped the post about the flight home.


McNealy and Best Blog
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2 thoughts on “McNealy and Best Blog

  • 11th February 2016 at 3:17 pm

    As I bring these article over, I reflect that this wasn’t a great CEC, Sun was in a bad place and had neither the strategy nor leadership to dig themselves out, as shown by the lightweight nature of the McNealy quotes; I thought these were the highlights

  • 12th February 2016 at 10:04 am

    The Opteron comment is sort of interesting in hindsight, there was a time when AMD’s MIPS/Watt was significantly better than Intel and they invented the x64 implementation. It was a short period and Sun made too many mistakes to use any advantage they might have gained.

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