Sun commissioned a competition amongst the students at the Royal Institute of Art to associate, using sculpture, key values to the No 10, and hence Solaris to celebrate the launch of Solaris 10. The winners are available for viewing outside the Lloyd’s building on Thursday.  I may try and get down to St Helen’s Piazza, these look quite good. The reason I like  this marketing project, is it mixes publicising the great qualities of Solaris 10, with communitarian sponsorship and we get the double whammy of people talking about the art and talking about Sun & Solaris. Also, I like sculpture.

Created with flickr slideshow.


I posted two articles on the Solaris 10 sculpture competition in March 2005 on my sun/oracle blog, and have posted this article, backdated to the same date as its old mirrors, based on those articles. (Feb 2016)

I got down to St Helen’s and took some pictures, which I uploaded to Here’s a slide show of the snaps, which were taken on a contemporary camera.



10 around town
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