This blog has been a personal polemic over most of the last three years, maybe longer. Previously and at times, it’s been more of a diary. The London blogger, Diamondgezeer in this blog about blogrolls and the blogging community reminds me that sometimes I deserve or need to be a bit more introspective and more of a diarist. I need to record on the blog, how I feel about the latest development on the Middle East. ¬†Over the last three weeks the Middle East has exploded, over the last two years on could say the same, and you could ask why I haven’t commented on the events in Syria or the Ukraine, and I don’t know the answer to that. It’s hard to know when an issue becomes too large to ignore, but,

  1. attacking civilians is a war crime
  2. attacking civilian infrastructure is a war crime
  3. that makes attacking schools two war crimes

Ban Ki Moon says,

This was after the third school was attacked, Amnesty International says,

and Oxfam says,

Like many others who have commented, I want to be a friend to Israel, but its actions are making it harder and harder.


Stop killing civilians in Gaza
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