Michael Meacher convened a meeting to launch his anthology, “The State we need”, the title of which is a play on words on Wlll Hutton’s “The State we’re in”. The launch was held in Portcullis House. The speakers were, Meacher himself, Kelvin Hopkins, John Mills , Anne Pettifor and Richard Murphy.

the state we need

The speakers mentioned the investment strike, plummeting and uncompetitive labour productivity and a balance of payments deficit of equivilant size to the fiscal deficit. Anne Pettifor stated that the UK economy would be in even worse a position if Osborne hadn’t lost his nerve and reflated in 2012. Murphy spoke of his work in exposing an ¬£85bn tax collection shortfall, an amount that would close the deficit maybe a fact that contradicts my line that fiscal policy can’t close the deficit, only growth can.

The book is an anti-austerity manifesto and can be bought here…

I spoke to Michael after the meeting and he sent me a copy of the book, which he kindly signed.

The State we need
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