Vince Cable, the ultimate tight rope walker is up to his tricks again. He spoke to the Liberal Democrat Conference today, having leaked his speech to any one that’ll print it. Much respect to the Delegates! His two pre-event headlines are

•    we need a stimulus, (but I still support the Tory austerity)
•    we’ll let workers vote on bosses pay. (No they won’t! They voted it down earlier this year when John McDonnell proposed it in parliament)

This is the same old liberal stunt that they’ve been playing for twenty years. Talk left, act right! Have it both ways! Cable in particular, tries to be the Tory Party’s Keynesian fig-leaf. Cable is a Secretary of State in this Government; it is an insult to Liberal Democrat members, and frankly all voters that for two years in a row he has come to their Conference, and argued that their government’s economic policy of cuts and austerity is unnecessary or premature and too fast, and that they are the inheritors of Keynesian demand management.

While it’s the position they took to the electorate in 2010;  the rest of the parliamentary Liberal Democrats seem to have forgotten.

You can’t have a stimulus and cut the deficit, at least not in the short term. If you cut the budget, you inhibit growth! If you inhibit growth, you reduce tax income!

The only way out is growth, which is what (Bill) Clinton  & (Gordon) Brown understood. Ed. Balls in the Labour Party leadership elections made it clear that the choice is not between tax more and cuts, but between austerity and growth.

No country has ever cut its way out of a recession.

Vince, you have a choice, and grandstanding once a year isn’t one of them!

Liberal Grandstanding
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