I was looking for a game for Xmas by browsing the Amazon catalog, this pointed me at Ligthhouse Interactive, who seem to be publishing some interesting and different games. As you may know I am having problems getting URU to run on my Dell and so want something to replace it while I fix the software build. One of Lighthouse’s games is called ‘Nikopolis’ which has a demo version. The download URLs are posted on the Lighthouse site. This has no save game functionality so you can’t start the game on the demo version and finish it on the full one.

I have spent a couple of minutes in the demo, and its very good looking and I have picked up a couple of objects. So I hope its the sort of maze and puzzle game like the Tex Murphy series that frankly I haven’t seen for years. On my page Other Games, I have some more detailed notes, about the story’s mythos and origins.

Oddly while researching this article, I found that Microsoft have what seems to be the official Tex Murphy site. I hadn’t realised that they’d bought the games or company, but the wikipedia page on Tex Murphy, explains the commercial history.

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