I originally referred to this as Nicopolis. Some games I thought I might play in 2009.

Capitalism II

See Wikipedia, Google and this fan site, called Capitalism Agglomerate. Its suggested to be the hardest game ever published, but is a serious business simulation.

Republic, the Revolution

Overthrow the communist state, I wrote about it on my oracle blog, in an article called Political Games; it is now lost.


The grand-daddy of them all, rule the world!

Ceasar III

Town Planning, Roman Empire style

Little Big Adventure

A somewhat surreal platformer, third person adventure game set in a low magical world. This is now quite old, but I still have the LBA2 disk and have installed it using dosbox, which I wrote up on my blog.


This is part of the Myst series, I re-installed it on the Dell, and it is not very stable. I have copied it across to the Alienware, which has a different video and sound sub system. Here’s hoping it’ll be better.

This was odd, why was it so unstable, it was a late issued game for the XP platform. See also URU: Ages of Myst here.

Nikopol : Secrets of the Immortals

On their site, Lighthouse say

“It is the year 2023 in Paris. As our hero Nikopol, you receive shocking news that your father may be alive. At the same time an eerie pyramid appears floating above the city and is said to be inhabited by Egyptian gods. You are caught between two worlds, one of anarchy and one of immortality”.

On Amazon, they say,

“After a 30-year hibernation in space, you, Alcide Nikopol, return to an authoritarian and decadent Earth. Your father is under the sway of the cold-blooded and ambitious god Horus that he is trying to install as overlord of Paris. Your mission is to find your father and prevent Horus from carrying out his plans. Immerse yourself in this fascinating and elaborate universe inspired by Enki Bilal’s cult comic book “The Carnival of Immortals.”.

Despite this massive clue, and by using Google, I  found that the game is inspired by the Nicopolis Trilogy by Enki Bilal [wikipedia], which were published as graphic novels i.e. comics. One of the most informative links about Bilal’s work I found was written and posted in Lithuanian at www.komiksai.com, Bilal was born in the then Yugolsalvia. Bilal has turned his books into the film, Immortal or Immortel (ad vitam), and now we have the game. An Amazon query on “Bilal Enki” will find the game, film and book. The latter is nearly 350 GBP. So I shan’t be buying that, maybe I’ll try and get it from the local library.

I found this review, hosted at http://www.gamerankings.com/, but published by http://www.jolt.co.uk/ which seems to agree with what I said in my New Year’s Day blog article, highly immersive, strong story but you’ll be brought up short from time to time, by the incongruousness and pernichtyness of some of the puzzles.

See also http://www.nikopolgame.com/ which is another advert. I finally bought it from Lighthouse Interactive

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  1. Some of the links have gone, and I have deleted them. Republic the Revolution, I found too hard to play and the there were no walkthroughs. (I wonder if I still have it.)

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