URU : Ages of Myst

URU : Ages of Myst

According to Wikipedia, published in 2003 and number four of the series. First installed on our Dell W98 machine and installed on the Dell XP machine in August 2008. This post talks about installation and stability and has a couple of walkthrough pointers.

Installed on our branded Dell, which has ATI Radeon graphics cards. The game became deeply unstable. I checked out the internet and a patch has been issued, but it is suggested that not all installs require it. ubi.com’s community forum site has published advice on when to install the patch. The mentioning of the ATI Radeon technology and the instability of the game led me to decide to install the patch.

UHS have a URU walkthrough, and Ubisoft, the publishers, point at http://www.mystworlds.com/us/, a news and community site.

Like many games, Uru has a wikipedia entry, which one can check out the release schedule and variations and the history of the online offering.


We have a problem on the Dell, and the following resources might help.

I have also downloaded the support tools to get dumpchk.exe from Microsoft’s web site.

What I did, and What I didn’t!

I installed the patch earlier today and it hasn’t stopped the thing crashing.  I have written to the Dell Community Forums to ask how to audit the drivers. I seem to remember that the crash dumps pointed at a failure in the .midi driver last time we looked at this. I hope that this isn’t a side effect of the design compromise that leads to the CTMBHA.DLL problem I discovered a while ago.(See Audio on the Dell).  I asked Dell how to audit that the drivers were as up to date as possible. I have just searched for .mid files and successfully played two. This implies the operating system is OK.

I have re-configured the game using its control panel to less aggressive settings. 7th Dec 2008

The reconfiguration didn’t work, in fact even more serious errors occurred. So i joined http://forums.ubi.com and asked how to move a game, and how to search the ubi forums using Google. They answered, “How to move/backup a game”, and “How to searchusing google”. 13th Dec 2008

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