Rolgan’s Trial is a quest in the Neverwinter Nights Official Campaign. This text is mainly taken from cheat-da-game. The author says,

This is a real tricky quest, and I haven’t been able to complete it perfectly, though I have tried very hard, I’m pretty sure there is no way to complete it perfectly.

, however, They were wrong, and discovered so below. You get this quest in the Temple of Tyr, where you learn about the fate of Rolgan, a man who killed one of the army’s soldiers. Your job is to represent him, and prove that he is innocent.

The original author discovered three strategies.

Bribing Jurors

You will get a book with the names of the witnesses and the names of the jury members. Now you can go and learn more about each jury member, to see what they like and dislike, so you know which questions to answer, also if you want to get the best reward(that I was able to) you’ll have to bribe the only jury members that can be bribed, which are the man in the drinking house that isn’t very nice, and the soldier in the barracks.

The reason you’ll have to bribe these people is because the soldier is sympathetic with the being drunk question, while the old lady is not, and the guy with the bad attitude, well has a bad attitude and like to see people hang!

Now that you have bribed two judges you only have to worry about the other three. This is where it gets tricky. The priest, Edegar hates the religion of these people, as well as their culture and artefacts, also hates alcohol, and doesn’t seem to be convinced to vote innocent just because no-one saw who started the fight. And as being the only questions you can ask are about who started the fight, questions about their culture and questions about alcohol, I have yet to find a way to make this man vote innocent.

The other two though are both members of the same tribe, and can be persuaded to vote innocent if you mention the value of the things he lost, as well as why she sent him to meet the soldier that night, and if your desperate then play the only reason that he is on trial is because he is different card. Now you’ll have a 4 to 1 vote for innocent and you’ll get the biggest reward(that I was able to get) with 3 votes for innocent you’ll gain a good reward but not as good as 4 to 1, and if you lose the case you’ll gain a very little reward.

Interrogate the Witnesses

Another way to get a 4 to 1 vote submitted by Ricky Cheng: The witness in the drinking house will tell you a secret if you buy him a few rounds of beers(1 gp each only) Now in the trial do not mention alcohol or about the value of the things they lost when questioning his wife and you should get a 4 to 1 vote.(thanks Ricky!)

Another way to get a secret is to heal the soldier with the broken leg (Zed) by either magic or healing skill.

Brilliant Lawyer

A way to get a 5 to 0 vote without bribing!!! Submitted by Claudio! Thanks a lot Claudio!!!

Talk to everyone keeping Lodar last, go to the drinking house and be nice to him and you’ll find out how racist Griff was and another secret. Now start the trial. This may take more than one conversation.

  • Lodar
    1. ask him how Griff felt towards Rolgan. Then do the insight question(if no insight appears you may have to raise your stats)
    2. If it was true that Rolgan gave Griff a spiked drink.
    3. If he saw who started the fight
  • Zed
    1. If he saw who started the fight
    2. Ask about the spiked drink.
  • Vanda
    1. Why she sent Rolgan to see Griff
  • Rolgan
    1. What happened that night
  • In closing
    1. We all knew that Griff was a violent man
    2. He spiked Rolgan’s drink

thats it you should now have a 5 to 0 vote!!!


Goodness, someone’s put it on Youtube!

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  1. I tried it, didn’t work. The best outcome when you follow the guide will get you to 4:1 with Edegar being indifferent.
    I wknder if the sequence of the guide matters too.

  2. The only person you have to bribe is the guy in the bar with the attitude. Just don’t mention him being drunk or racism and doing question him or his wife at all.

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  4. The fact that you have to follow an order to the questioning BEFORE the trial makes absolutely no sense. Giving the same answers as above won’t give you the 5:0 just because you didn’t follow the order of the NPCs that the devs wanted. Broken quest.

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