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This is somewhat out of date.

Google Map is here. Oct 2014.

What time does the the bus shuttle run from what was known as the APCOA long term car parks for T1-4 at London Heathrow.

You’d think that this… would help but Parking Express are trying to sell a different service.

So at at 11th Feb 2008, the buses run from 05:00 to 23:00 between the Airport Terminals 1-4 and the Apcoa Long Stay car park.

The T3 bus stop to return to the Long Term Car Park is No 17. N.B. There are two stands on different sides of the arrivals reception.

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Hand Baggage

On the 6th May 2008 the BAA Heathrow Site page documents the hand baggage rules at BAA airports. I can’t link there directly, they have a portal that uses the double _ symbol, which snipsnap interprets as a bold symbol. However, you can take two hand baggage items through security today. i.e. one bag and one brief/computer case.

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Public Transport to Heathrow

SpeedLink, Bus from Woking is 30 minutes Train : from Liphook to Woking is between 35 and 50 minutes, so important to check the timetable at The bus to the station is about 22 minutes but the connection needs to be checked. Now publicised on

This makes between 1:45 and 1:30 depending on the number of stops between Liphook and Woking plus connection times.

I now travel from south east london, 1hr 30m via tube, excluding the Heathrow express.

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