The Labour Party NEC elections have started. Ballot papers are being issued now, to arrive by email by 16th July and by post by 22nd July. They are to be returned by Noon 5th August. I expect them to be both online or paper ballots. This post is designed to be informative and not polemical.Ann Black, one of the candidates says,

These are going ahead, and ballot papers for the election of six constituency representatives (and two from local government) should start arriving from Monday 11 July.  All members should receive email notification by Friday 15 July and hardcopy packs by Friday 22 July.  The deadline for voting is Friday 5 August.

If nothing has arrived by Wednesday 27 July please call the membership team on 0345 092 2299.  Note also that because of the time needed for Electoral Reform Services, the independent balloting company, to prepare the mailings, only people in membership at 24 June 2016 will be able to vote.

The Left slate’s election address is here…. Ensuring that Left wingers are re-elected and elected is a key aim to ensure that the next Labour manifesto and government will actually make a difference.

I have been asked if you can check your own membership date. This document describes how, Using Members Centre , login, enter member’s centre and then search on yourself. This doesn’t work for everyone and you can’t check your arrears status.

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  1. I have just stated that this page is designed to help people vote, I don’t propose to comment on shenanigans here.

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