Lewisham have issued a consultation on their plan. This is a critical document constraining house building, planning and transport planning. Here are some notes and links. …


  1. The startpoint is here.
  2. They have a very pretty Summary, dealing with planning, design, heritage, housing, the economy and culture, community infrastructure inc. libraries, green infrastructure (parks, trees and climate change), air quality and fly tipping.
  3. A document on Housing (61 pages) long, there are others for the other issues, which it might be best to read before commenting.


This graphic is their justification for change and growth, note there is no substantial green space north of the A2 and that Lewisham Deptford’s large green space is Hilly Fields, at the extreme south of the constituency.

I am curious that they claim the housing department has met its targets, there is a large recognition that what is being built is too small and too expensive. Is it possible to make some more parks? I wonder if more public meeting spaces for meetings, pop-up theatres and cinemas is worth thinking about. I wonder if the emphasis on trains and light railways is appropriate in a post pandemic world. I hope the proposed industrial plan for Deptford and Evelyn can be made to work.

So they claim to have met the GLA Housing targets, not the manifesto promises. The documents are a hard read and the comments are often not very progressive. If these are your subjects, planning, housing, air and parks, then get stuck in. There seems to be no short cut, one has to read the documents.

The featured image is of Hilly Field’s stone circle, and taken and cropped/resized from this site.

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