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Installing NWN2

Installing NWN2

When installing NWN2 today, I discovered, it’s best to do so from my GOG copy. The alternative would be to use one of my DVD sources, however the GOG copy comes with the extra games and most importantly the patches downloaded. The patch server has gone and so installing from disk does not work so well, by which I mean the game cannot be patched.

Some mods are best installed before a game starts, see Zhjaeve Unveiled.

This thread at GOG, talks about W10 compatibility mode.

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Yvette Cooper at Demos

This is/was a note on a speech made by Yvette Cooper called the challenges of a Digital World to our security and liberty. This has a link to the speech, but was made in May 2014, the world has moved on. As ever my review of Labour front-bench speeches proves/proved to optimistic. I have marked the article deprecated.

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Annuities, a note on price theory

While researching my articles on the UK 2014 budget, I wanted to write a quick note on Annuity prices, yields and interest rates, I came across nothing easy to find, but did come across these,

There is a companion wiki article on the UK 2014 Budget.

A loan involves a bank giving someone a wedge of cash in exchange for an agreed periodic payment.

An annuity involves a bank giving someone an agreed periodic payment in exchange for a wedge of cash.

They are the same thing! So we should be able to price them the same way.