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A carousel slider

A carousel slider

I installed wp logo showcase plugin on another blog and need to uninstall it, so I have copied it across to here. Below/Overleaf there is a slide show.


The images have a post type, to be inserted via the logoshowcase menu. Multiple sliders can be held in a single wordpress instance using catagories, which are scoped within logoshowcase namespace. The image entitty has a name, slug, URL and the image itself needs to be posted from the media library to the entity entry.


How’s that. All the images, including the featured image, I am not sure where I got this, but it was via google, so I didn’t make available and have stored them in my media library for reasons of permanence,and addressability; all these pictures are resized and cropped; they are made smaller except the flash, which has been enlarged.

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    Added the comment about needing the URL and the image posted to the image post.

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