I finally succumbed.  I have blogged about why I succumbed here, and about Yahoo dropping it here. And eight years later, most of this is now history, rather than useful.

They launched the Q&Z10’s a while ago, seems that it’s half android and that you don’t get the same global tariff. At least not from T-Mobile, so bad news on the data rates. 19 June 2013

Techradar reviewed it here…. I need another review on BB’s long term viability. There’s talk about BB leveraging their secure network and BBM as a consumer offers to leverage hardware sales, or not. Really need to get to grips with it I say really, maybe not.

In a letter to someone, I said,

I have been looking at replacing my BB Torch 9380, it’s both full screen and keys. I replaced an Android machine with it because I was travelling in Europe and my priorities were cheap wireless access for my laptop, voice and office automation, (mail and calendar). The [ZQ]10, at least those offered by T-Mobile in the UK have put the *10 onto similar data plans as their competitors so that’s priority No. 1 up the chute.  So I shan’t be upgrading; my transition to my personal device, which remains a full on Android machine continues apace driven by feedly which is awesome. It’s also not available on BB. This seems another evidence point for your argument that carrier competition impacts/controls the handset wars. Also, that while BB have adopted/half-adopted Android, they are not getting the advantage of the full app store.

Blackberry Word was not good for Torch OS 6.* users. There is a thread in which I contributed at Blackberry’s support forums. The symptom was that the App World Icon disappeared. 29 July 2012

Using it as a Modem

Connect to the Internet with your PC. Install the desktop software; you need to be connected to the internet.

This can be a problem, it’s a bit of chicken and egg situation, I need my phone to connect to the internet….I need the internet to use my phone to connect.

These days, when the desktop manager starts it takes an age to connect to the device; this could be just Vista crapness but then Tools -> “Start Mobile Internet” starts a Dial Up agent, with T-Mobile in the UK it populates the DUN parameters and then connects you to the internet.

There’s a fair amount on the internet, just google it.

DFL 10 Feb 2011

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