The story of the criminal cheating on the Vote Leave campaign is long and complex, and there seems to be a ground rush effect as the election approaches. The issues are breach of personal privacy laws, over spending, covering up the overspending. It is possible that there have been breaches of the transparency rules, and that some money came from prohibited foreign sources. Here are some links and notes.

If only the cops were asking about Vote Leave

The Money

  1. Adam Ramsey of Open Democracy heralds the involvement of the CPS on twitter. Nov 1 2019
  2. At Open Democracy, Johnson and Cummings under fire as police hand criminal evidence on Vote Leave to prosecution agency, they say, “After 16-month investigation, Met Police refer Vote Leave to the CPS for possible criminal charges. But will the timing of the election mean further delay?” Nov 1 2019
  6. Wikipedia has a page on this.  Allegations of unlawful campaigning in the 2016 EU referendum.

The Data


Fake News, Russia and the cover up

  4. Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Interim Report: 5 Russian influence in political campaigns, by the House of Commons DCMS select committee.
  5. A twitter thread by Ian Lucas MP, on the December cover up.


  1. Wilson & Ors , R (On the Application Of) v The Prime Minister [2019] EWCA Civ 304, the judicial review of the Referendum; Court of Appeal. The we i.e. the courts can’t interfere because the referendum was advisory, it’s down to Parliament to do so. The Independent reports on the case. Also an article in the Guardian summarising the plaintiff’s case.

Image Credit: from the FT here … 

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  1. There’s another story. although it might be for the 2017 election about Tories paying phone canvassers which is illegal; actually unlikely to have been the referendum.

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