Having cleared out nearly all my miniature models from Dungeons and Dragons & Warhammer, I was wondering about replacing some of them. Where to buy them and how to get them painted. Here are my notes. 

  1. A thread on D&D and Beyond, on sourcing the miniatures
  2. This guy does 3D printing STLs  for Locatha/Fishmen, Nov 2019

I was looking for a Tabaxi Rogue, and there seems to be an obvious selection, which google finds easily, and on having them painted,

  1. http://www.golempaintingstudio.co.uk
  2. The white weasel miniature painting studio, perhaps more interested in warhammer armies
  3. http://www.whitewashstudio.co.uk, seems more open to limited numbers
  4. https://siegestudios.co.uk/services/painting/
  5. https://www.flgpaintstudio.com
  6. https://ravensnestpainting.com/ (looks like they’ve gone)

I found this video, “I paid Artists on Fiverr to paint my Warhammer – Here’s what happened!” so maybe I should look there too, if I ever get round to it. Its author, Squidmar, also did this, “3D Printing your Warhammer Army proxies – Is it possible? (Printed with Anycubic Photon)“, another Youtube video.

3D printing is going to change this business.

Yup, here’s heroforge! I made three template, an elf, a tortle and a tabxi!

And two and half years later, they offer precoloured figures, here’s the 2021 version of these characters.


The permalink has a spelling mistake! Here’s the SURL: https://wp.me/pauVx4-18B

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    1. Hi Dave, all of the miniature painting services you mentioned above are all top quality painters. I don’t think you could go wrong by choosing either one of them. I’ve looked through their galleries and they all do fantastic work.

      However, if you ever want to hire a veteran miniature painter with over 30 years experience simply send me an email and we can talk 😉


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