As I plan more travel for 2023, the train is looking more and more comfortable. It’s not cheaper yet but sometimes with Eurostar, an interail ticket is cheaper than Eurostar’s prices, particularly if I want to travel on. Here are some notes and links. …

  1. Inter Rail’s pass prices, they are offering €221 for a 4 day pass 15 Oct 2022.
  2. How to get cheaper tickets on the Eurostar, also their home page, Eurostar, and how to reserve a seat on Eurostar for an inter rail ticket, by Eurostar, and by the man in seat 61. Reserving a seat requires paying a fee, which the man in seat 61, reports as £30, each way! And the seats are limited. FFS 😵
  3. How to reserve seats in the rest of Europe.

Hints on getting them cheaper

  1. recommends getting tickers from Parisian suburban stations,and also looking at,  sites such as Trainline (a third-party seller which isn’t cheaper but sometimes more convenient when booking multiple train trips) and SNCF Connect (formerly, this is a subsidiary of the French train network SNCF and sells tickets on the Eurostar, Thalys, and Deutsche Bahn), or Rail Europe.
  2. There are other search sites, which I may add later.
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