I am trying to expand my recipe book and learn some new curry recipes. I have bookmarked my inspirations in my diigo feed, tagged recipe+curry. Some of the ingredients are not necessarily easy to find and so alternatives are needed. Here are my notes …

Lime & Coconut Dal.

By Rukimin Ilyer, it uses lentils to accelerate cooking, but also needs coconut chunks, which are not east to find, even on Deptford High St. As a substitutes for coconut , either reconstitute desiccated coconut or probably best, use Macadamia or Brazil Nuts. This recipe involves casseroling it, then adding some seasoning, including spinach and lime juice and zest.

Getting  to the coconut flesh, [1]  and [2]

Cauliflower and Turmeric

This recipe uses Kefir, a milk, which quora advises, there are quite a few substitutions for this product, the easiest being yogurt thinned with milk. For 1 cup of kefir, blend 1/4 c of milk with 3/4 c of yogurt. It should be noted that when using this type of alteration, the health benefits will not be equal. Other reported substitutions included buttermilk and for people allergic to dairy products; coconut milk has also been used with success. This also requires chick pea flour, which can be  substituted, with millet flour, cassava flour, wheat flour, oat flour, seitan flour, almond flour, buckwheat flour, amaranth flour, and spelt flour.

Jack Monroe’s Thai inspired curry

This is based on potato, curry and aubergine. It needs lemon grass paste or zest, for which one might want a zester , or use a box grater.

Another from Jack


Turmeric is the easiest substitute for saffron, but in my experience, doesn’t always work.

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