I have been playing this for a while. Not seen a need to make notes until today. I am as ever using the walkthrough at Gamebanshee.


It seems important and in Gann’s case dominated by the first conversation. My Barbarian is not well equipped to deal with this, again, the Diplomacy/Intimidate trade off seems not to help. I used Splendour  of the Eagle to help. [ If I am to really start again, then, check out this on class advice. Warrior or Bard!]

Actually, Kaelyn & Gann interact, and its possibly best that they are picked up first before pursuing the side quests.

Dealing with the Shadowmasters

I did this with Safyia only, buff up, summon what you have, kill the priest and then the wizard, otherwise, the Priest will resurrect (or raise) the wizard, who will summon a horned devil. Nasty. Then use Safyia’s energy spells to help your PC kill the rest off. Probably not done in the best order, might be better to do this after having picked up the rest of the Party.

Ice Troll Lodge

I played a Barbarian, 1st round initiation is a must!

See http://nwn2.wikia.com/wiki/Mighty_Rage

Facing down Okku

This was easier than I expected; me (barbarian), Gann, Safiya & Kaelyn. Sadly I felt I didn’t have room to recruit him, but if you are not a fighter, then he looks both cool and tasty. He may be best taken to some of the places in Act II. But see what I say about Spirit Eating.

The Magic School

After re-entering Mulsantir in Act II, there is a house with a bunch of spell casters practising; they don’t take kindly to being interrupted and given my party power this should be only a medium fight; I don’t find it so.  When I know more I’ll say something.

Spirit Eater

I hate this sort of shit and this one is very BG1.  There’s a choice between suppressing and satiating the craving for spirit energy.

Goto locations that are only short distances (like only 2 days), once u arrive use suppress. then go back to the previous location and suppress again.

You’ll gain far more spirit energy then u lose while traviling. Plus your hungry goes down too. You can do this as much as u want to max out spirit energy and get hunger at 0.

Gann & Okku are obviously key.

  1. Game Banshee on Spirit Eating includes instructions on turning it off, I may do this. Turning it on and turning it off, resets the spirit level. How to enter console mode.
  2. How to deal with that “Spirit Energy” thing in MotB? on Gog
  3. Holy hell this Spirit Eater thing is annoying on Game FAQS, see above.

Wells of Lurue

Looks like you have to go there at least three times.

  1. To start Anya’s quest at the Farm, best take Gann, this will require returning later. NB You can lose influence with Gann in the conversation at the Farm.
  2. To get the Devour Spirit feat, I am not sure if this is possible if you let Okku live, but we’ll find out. If you visit U’juk with Okku in the party, U’juk will attack you (& die) and not gift you the feat. Gamebanshee says you can’t get the Devour Spirit if you let Okku live, Sorcerer’s Net says you can but it requires evil acts.
  3. I expect the Bear Spirits to require Okku in the party. Here’s Sorcerer’s Net’s walkthrough of the wells.



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  1. I picked it up again last night. I was in the lobby of the 1st floor (down) of the Death’s God Vault, I seem to have cleared out the ground level, but the next fight is too much for this party so I think I’ll go and look for some more levels.

    I need to remember the geography of Mulsantir and find my way to Ashenwood, see what I can find there.

    I have the vault to finish and the wizards coven in sunlight Mulsantir is still undone as is the Barbarian’s 2nd rite of initiation.

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