A module for NWN2, “The shaper of dreams”, a game in six chapters, seeming written in German and translated, or at least the first three chapters have been. Here are my notes. …

It’s on the vault here., where there is a synopsis of the prequel.

They recommend a female, human and if you don’t choose a recommended melee class, they’ll give you second level at the start.

I have decided to play a swashbuckler to level 2 and then go with the wizard, or maybe the bard , although many Bard skills help others and not yourself. I manually allocated the skills, to get social skills and not crafting skills. I chose the ‘flirt‘ back story, again to enhance the social skills.

I found this note on 3.5 Diplomacy; I am not sure how it was translated into the NWN2 rules; the manual adds little.

Here’s the side quest walkthrough for Chapter 1. The side quests are very order dependent, and often require that you revisit correspondents in the quest. They also have choices, which is fun. I wonder if the German author’s direct not to say blunt speaking has come through to the dialogues, it seems to me to be quite hard to be kind.

Chapter 4 has been translated and is now on the vault.


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