There are still people who only use feature phones or even simpler. How can one use a key board to send messages via SMS. Here are my notes, Twitter, ICQ and SMS gateways at the moment. I marked this as deprecated today.

The CMS states that this article was created in March 2017, but the content seems much older. I was looking at how to improve this wiki’s documentation of Skype, came across this note and think it’s way past its best; certainly there is the third party mysms and microsoft now offer software to link your phone which meets this requirement, called imaginatively “my phone“. 



Twitter was designed for this purpose, and still supports some functionality. Setup may need to be done via the web but it should be possible to receive feeds and direct messages.


I have been using this sporadically but it has not proved to my satisfaction that it works. It has to many others though. As correspondents adopt whatsapp and Skype, I have needed this less.

This article,

has 4 suggestions, one of which involves installing an app on one’s mobile phone which, like messenger manages the sms and uses your phone as the transmitter. It’s called “Mighty Text” on Android. This solution lets the phone do the heavy lifting, just like whatsapp for the web.


This article suggests that Gmail will work, not so sure if it’ll work with Google Groups.

SMS Gateways

The 3rd of How to Geek’s suggestions is to use sms-gateways. They point at this resource on github which lists the sms-email gateways.

  1. charges but not so much and the account is free.
  2. is simple but anonymous, seems to get good references and maybe free.
  3. are advertising like mad on Google.

I found this, while poking around. Here’s some hints on how to use it.

This also looks interesting, and

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