The featured image comes from pixabay and is credited to Heike Baerbel. It has been shrunk. It’s use is controlled by the Pixabay Content licence. … This seems to be aimed at ensuring that pictures in the database are not used to earn an income. The wording on this restriction was unclear to me, and so I asked if I could use it to decorate a web article on Medium. I posted on me & medium awhile ago.

I have been told this is permitted.

I and others are permitted to use the images as long as:

  1. You’re not putting the images in a bad light
  2. You’re not selling the images unaltered
  3. You’re not claiming the images as yours
  4. You won’t use images with identifiable models or logos (these are protected by other rights)
  5. The images are not the main selling point of your product For example, you can’t use the images for a photo book or coloring book. In these cases, the books focus on the images. Thus, it’s not allowed.

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