For some time, social and political scientists have suggested that political views usually charcterised as a left right sepctrum is also influenced by a tough/tender or libertarian/authoritarian spectrum. This often called the political compass and a site of the same name is here, I first made this in 2014, and returned to it in 2023 when I made the slide show.

UK Political Compass 2015
UK Political Compass 2017
Political Compass UK 2019
Political Compass UK to 2010

And here’s me in 2014


which puts me to the left and more liberal than the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela.

This page shows how the parties have moved over the last 30 years although it’s dated 2010 and in 2023 I copied the table to the slide show.

I wonder if I can build a hosted system which plots respondents as a three dimensional surface.

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