I discovered co-incidentally that some one had marked wikipedia’s Red Flag Anti-Corruption page as of not significant interest, and has now been deleted. They were a party formed in Tower Hamlets and one of their leaders, Andy Erlam was party to the election court case that voided the 2014 election of Lutfur Rahman. I might restore it, here are my notes.

This whole story is not well indexed, the story of the rise and fall of Lutfur Rahman, the once Mayor of Tower Hamlets, is dispersed over seberal pages, and I have not discovered a full story of Labour’s part in it, especially the role of London Labour’s regional board and then Regional Director. Maybe the page should be restored, maybe the court case links added to the Lutfur Raham & Tower Hamlets Mayor pages.

  1. It is no more at wikipedia, but preserved on the internet archive.
  2. The deletion was proposed by a User called Ralbegen
  3. Mayor of Tower Hamlets at wikipedia, mainly results but has a paragraph on the Red Flag Anti-Corruption party.
  4. Wikipedia also covers the election court case, Erlam & Ors vs. Rahman & Anor, it contains important details on the standing required to bring a court case.
  5. It seems that Tower Hamlets First is important enough to have a page, as is Lutfur Rahman., its authors don’t seem to be fans.
  6. Erlam stood for the council as a candidate in Bow East in 2014

Erlam it seems is a complex character, as there is other stuff about his life on the net. I don’t have the interest to put this together, or find out if there is a need.

Dave Hill has a lot to say about Tower Hamlets and its politics, I could/should search and index this.

Does it still exist?

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