KIndle might be the best way to read .pdf books, now I have a tablet, but uploading them is not as easy as I’d hoped. Here are my notes. …

Note that I do not have a kindle, I use mainly the kindle app on phones and on PCs. I have the kindle cloud reader for the Linux machine.

Mail or Print

Two way’s it seems, mail or print.

  1. Mail, this documents among other things how to discover the device email address. Oh no, there’s more than one. See below for the notes on naming one’s devices. Amazon also have a registered list of acceptable e-mail sources; this is only of importance if you have more than one mail account.
  2. The print interface needs an application installed, “send to kindle”, which seems broken to me; the original work round was to downrev the send-to-kindle version but they seem to have blocked that as it  now requires an upgrade before it’ll do the print/send to kindle. So mail it is!

Why do I have 7 devices?

The short answer is because I have, over time, registered multiple kindle devices. How to rationalise them, the first thing is to rename them, although I have deleted those with v.old 1st registration dates and no content. The fact I only have 7 would seem to be lucky.

This, How to rename and remove kindle devices on your amazon account claims to be a guide, which does explain how to rename them, but the critical problem is how to identify which real device is represented by the numbered name. The most common advice or more accurately the easiest to find is to delete them all and re register the device. (Would I lose my family allocations?) However, this page, at the amazon forums suggests that the kindle instance has the name in its settings panel, somewhere. (i.e. read the article to find out where and how).

Top Tip: Rename the device the minute that you start a kindle app for the first time. (This may be possible using the App.)

This page, is amazon’s device help portal.

The kindle cloud reader allows the collection to be read on a linux platform; there is no app. Go to but it seems they won’t allow you to upload docs to it’s store, only those bought can get there.

There is an app for the PC, which has an option to upload .pdfs and you can drag and drop (legally acquired) .prcs.

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