HTML Slide Shows

I wanted to create a scrolling picture show as a banner on all the pages in a micro site. Many sites use this for their front page decoration. I didn’t want to use animated gif because of the age of the technology.It’s obviously becoming easier. Basic Tips below, shows how to use the HTML META tag with http-equiv=”refresh”attribute set. Continue reading “HTML Slide Shows”

Implementing an XML feed viewer in HTML

Viewing an XML feed via an HTML browser

I decided to have another go as I was looking to consume some planet feeds on a static web page. I found Display Your Feed on a Static HTML Page Using FeedBurner’s BuzzBoost using Google and this points at Feedburner’s Buzzboost, which is part of their feed publicity toolset. Continue reading “Implementing an XML feed viewer in HTML”

Small screen HTML runes

Optimising HTML for small screens

I have been interested in optimising HTML for small screens and/or using CSS as the vehicle. This has been driven by my personal publication properties and started at Sun with the then Sun Blog.

Meta and WPTOUCH

This page was originally written in 2009.  The snip was originally called HTML. Obviously small screen devices have exploded in quantity since then. It’s a bigger problem and opportunity today. The bulk of this page was written in 2009, based on fact finding undertaken in 2008. As this wiki and its companion blog become the major platforms for my web presence, I have been reviewing how to deliver the content over small screens. I installed wptouch  fairly quickly after I moved to self managed wordpress and at the end of 2013, wptouch was upgraded with a magnificent look and feel.I tweeted,

vvv Code embed 1 vvv

I suspect the arrival of WPtouch 2013 will slow down my research,  but I had been storing URLs in delicious with the tags, mobile+webdesign


I also have a bunch of bookmarks tagged HTML at


Obviously step one is to hid the sidebars on print. I have found some resources which I hope will help.

Is there a media type for the ipod or other PDAs.


it also points IETF and CSS2 resources. The @@media print” CSS code mentioned on the w3 css2 page looks like what we might need for snipsnap as it may not require an explicit assignment as print rule in the <STYLE> or <LINK> statements.

Share This


To be continued

<script type="text/javascript" 

From the blog article dated 8 Sep 2009… also repeated on Developing Snipsnap

Also see my Add This page. This was the name in the bliki, but I used both share and add this in the side bar.

Add This

I created this page to test scripts published by It was originally created on the Qube. See below, Early Experiments for what I wrote at the time, all probably useless now. I have installed their widget and so even lower down on this page, after the article , are add this’s sharing buttons. I returned to the issues they answer in Feb 2015. It should be noted that at that time on the blog I use custom code implemented in the child theme, since I moved to Nulis I am using a vanilla implementation of Add This, on the wiki. Continue reading “Add This”