Kier Starmer kicked off the new year, with a rousing speech calling the masses to the barricades. Or something like that! Here are my notes. …

Here’s the speech in text, and here’s the speech in words/text and here’s a youtube version; I have cut out the four minutes of silence waiting for Rachel Reeves as the warm-up act …

I have not read it yet/ I don;t think I’ll be watching it I have better things to do with 50 mins.

Lord Prem Sekka says on public expenditure

Twitter is cross on public sector funding/pay, using take back control as a slogan for empowering local authorities, for being weak on the abolition of tuition fees, and giving a nod to the further privatisation of public services.

I say,

Devolution/subsidiarity  can’t work without a financial guarantee …

It reminds me,

The people’s flag is palest pink
It’s not the colour you might think
White collar workers stand and cheer
The Labour government is here

We’ll change the country bit by bit
So nobody will notice it
And just to show that we’re sincere
We’ll sing The Red Flag once a year

The cloth cap and the woolen scarf
Are images outdated
For we’re the party’s avant garde
And we are educated

So raise the rolled umbrella high
The college scarf, the old school tie
And just to show that we’re sincere
We’ll sing The Red Flag once a year

Today, I got these words from and not the Clause IV song book which is where I first heard/read/sang it.


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