You’d think TCL argument processing has been done and would be easy to find. But not for me. Here are my notes,

  1. An article called command line arguments, it has some sample TCL code accessing the $argv object
  2. At, Argument Parsing: a discussion and an extended command called argparse, but I get an invalid command name when using one of their examples. Is argparse a python sub-routine?
  3. How to parse_command-line_arguments in Tcl from
  4. and good old stack overflow package-for-parsing-argument-in-tcl, with several examples. I have hit a problem and asked for help at askubuntu.

If it gets too hard I can always parse the command line in shell, which I did, see my smsg parser, as ever with TCL, I am sure my code could could be less verbose. I looked at associative arrays and displaying them. I revised some procedure stuff, and string manipulation.

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