Always wanted to go. Had to do some research for some travel in June 2013

I’ll fill this out according to me usual template later, or not.

Dave Travel

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  1. The round trip ticket VCY-LHR costs of the order of £1050.

    A combi reward which is free out, cheap return costs £732 in exchange for 23,500 miles.

    A straight forward redemption, costs £375 in Taxes, and costs 46,000 miles,

    The cheapest way given the miles I have, is one redemption and if a second person is required a combi reward.

    I also checked out their companion reward offer, which is the buy one, get one free, ( or BOGOF, dontcha just love retail) but in air travel, as in life, you can’t avoid the Taxes. The ticket is £1191 and Taxes take it to £1566. It would cost 23,000 miles.

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