MAXQ is a web proxy with recording and replay features. It is designed to capture and replay tests. They are quite keen that one understands the terms of use of target sites since many prohibit automated access and these days it would seem defend themselves against it.  This article documents how to run MaxQ and make tests, but not how to successfully run them. (If that’s why you’ve come here, look elsewhere but if you have answers please comment here. )

Here’s the home page,


I installed it in /opt/maxq/ which means the start script is in /opt/maxq/bin. The script is to my mind, rather odd in the way it finds its supporting files. So I gave up on creating a link or copy in a common ./bin directory.

The instructions on make a recording are held here…

  1. Start the proxy, sudo /opt/maxq/bin/maxq/ .
  2. Set the browser to use the proxy
  3. Use the Proxy control panel to start the recording, 2 steps, create script, start recording
  4. Use the browser to make the test case

There’s more but the site documentation is good. It would seem that some more recent sites, the last comment in the discussion forum is 2012, protect themselves from this scheme and don’t create test scripts.

I have had problems getting the scripts to run successfully. The documentation says that the scripts while generating Python run inside a Jyton engine, provided by maxq, Anyway lots of errors. Some of them on the class statement defining the tests and otherwise type mismatch errors. I can’t get a simple test case to work.  (If I carry on I need to document the errors.)

Next step is to make a simple html page and try that.

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