Im wrote in 2016, “As we know the Tories are having a second go at rigging the General Elections”. It seemed they didn’t need to and have dropped the plans. For some reason I originally made this private but lifted the constraint in Nov 2020. Here are my notes and links,

God knows how we got here, but there are now live proposals, on their way to Parliament, here are the London seats.

  2. and Deptford London | BCE Consultation Portal ( best not used with firefox

I also have some bookmarks in diigo, tagged ‘boundaryreview’

Here are some links pertaining to the 2016 – 2018 review

  1. Boundary Commission for England 2018 Review, the home page and start

Here’s some stuff related to the 2013 review

  1. The 2013 Archive
  2. London Proposals 2013

Here’s some other relevant background,

  2. Southwark results, wikipedia
  3. Electoral Calculus, Camberwell and Peckham
  4. Electoral Calculus, Lewisham Deptford


Image Credit: from the OS Election Maps site, their T&C’s are here, this is (c) for the OS, linking is allowed provided fair and legal and for non commercial use. The featured post image is cropped from “election maps” and a the copy hosted on my web server is for caching and permalink purposes.

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